Namibia, the country with wide open spaces - let us take you there!

Driving on Namibian roads:

Most of the accidents that happen on Namibian roads are caused by driving too fast. The speed-limit on gravel roads of 80km/h should never be exceeded.

Please act according to the road-signs, especially those that mark sharp turns, where the speed should be reduced drastically.

On dusty roads, switch the lights of the vehicle on so that oncoming traffic can see you.

If a vehicle should come towards you, please go as far as possible to the left and slow down.

Tyre pressure is very important and should be checked regularly. Follow the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer and the advice of the car rental company.

Unless unavoidable, do not drive after sunset. Please watch out for animals crossing the road.

Gravel roads can be extremely slippery.

Watch out for places where water has damaged the surface of the road and never drive through flowing rivers.

The vehicle should always be driven with both hands on the steering-wheel.